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What can you do with Affilimate?

Here's what we can think of, but surely creative people will surprise us.

Import your affiliate links automatically

Let us do the work. We'll scan your website for affiliate links using our secret sauce algorithm. Stop maintaining a manual list and let it be automated!

Find out what actually works and why it works

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your affiliate links. Use data instead of a gut feeling to increase your clicks and conversions.

Increase your clicks and your conversion rate

Leverage your learnings to improve your conversion rate and get people to click your links instead of scrolling by.

Find out which of your posts really perform best

Spoiler alert! Your top traffic posts aren't necessarily the ones that earn you the most money.

Automatically collect data on which articles, links, and products work best, no matter how many pages you have or links on your website.

Apply those lessons learned to other pages and increase your income.

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Let your affiliate link management and tracking be fully automated

So many tracking tools that require you to change ALL your affiliate links in order to track them. Instead, Affilimate automatically scans your website for all the links you already have.

And unlike Google Analytics, you don't need to go back and add events to your hundreds or thousands of existing links to start tracking them.

Start tracking the performance of ALL your affiliate links in under 5 minutes.

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Understand which partners have the best return on investment

With so many different affiliate networks and data spread in a dozen places, it can be hard to get an overview of what products or pages are actually performing best.

Affilimate brings all the data surrounding the click performance of your links into a single place.

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Monitor for broken links

Just about every blogger has realized after the fact that some of their affiliate links are broken! Whether your promoted product is no longer available or it's out of stock, this can be a frustrating realization.

Affilimate will check your affiliate links every day and send you an email if we find anything broken.

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