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How it works

Start tracking your existing affiliate links instantly

Let us do the work. We'll scan your website for affiliate links using our secret sauce algorithm. No need to convert all your links to short links to start tracking.

See which links people actually click and which partners perform best

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your affiliate links. Use data instead of a gut feeling to increase your clicks and conversions.

Increase your clicks and your conversion rate

Leverage your learnings to improve your conversion rate and get people to click your links instead of scrolling by.

Figure out what makes your readers click

Use high-performance and context-aware heatmaps to understand exactly which links are driving clicks on your affiliate posts.

Automate your affiliate link management

Stop creating short links by hand and let Affilimate find the dozens (or thousands) of affiliate links already on your blog in minutes.

Hone your affiliate content for your audience

Measure which countries your readers are in when they try to buy through your links, so you can include links from affiliate partners that are more likely to convert.

Understand which posts are driving affiliate sales

Learn which of your posts and product links are driving the most click-throughs so you can apply winning strategies all across your site.

Get insights on what good stats look like

Most analytics tools won't tell you whether your numbers are stellar...or subpar. Affilimate uses color coding and hints to make it clearer if you're on track.

Figure out which channel is referring your buying audience

Use Affilimate's analytics to understand where to invest your energy in spreading the word about your posts: whether it's Google, Pinterest, Facebook, or even internal linking.

Monitor your site for broken affiliate links
Coming Soon

Get an alert anytime one of your affiliate links sends a reader to a broken page.

Optimize your posts for the right kinds of devices

Learn the kinds of devices that people are on when they click on your links, so you know whether to focus on a desktop or mobile-focused design.

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