5 ideas to increase your affiliate sales as a blogger

By Monica Lent   ·   March 23, 2019

Hey there! A big warm WELCOME to the Affilimate blog. This is our first ever blog post, and I'm super excited to write it because I'm going to be sharing a few tips on how you can use Affilimate to improve your affiliate income and get more people to click on your affiliate links.

Now, you probably don't know me but my name is Monica and I run a travel blog. I started Affilimate because I wanted to make more money from my blog without just pasting links everywhere and praying they would turn into sales.

Me praying you're gonna click on my affiliate links!!

In the last couple months, I've been building out Affilimate and now have a suite of tools you can try to get an idea of how to improve your own affiliate income!

Let's get started on some easy ways to improve your affiliate income.

1. Make sure you have no broken links

Let's start with the basics, shall we?

How many times have you gone back to check on your blog posts and found that an item that used to be available is just gone? Even worse, this can happen on highly visited blog posts and you don't know until it's been like that for — days? weeks? months? 😱

You have no way to know!

What you can do instead is let Affilimate run a daily, broken link scan on all the links you've imported into the tool. Whenever we find a broken link to a product you're trying to promote, we'll send you an email with the link itself and the page we found it on.

That way you'll never miss a sale again because someone WANTED to buy your product, but then couldn't even find the one you were promoting.

Affilimate can scan your website automatically to make sure none of your affiliate links are broken

2. Send more traffic to pages with the most clicks

Want to know something funny I learned once I started tracking clicks on my affiliate links? It honestly surprised me:

My blog posts with the most affiliate link clicks are often NOT my highest traffic posts.

Why is that? Well, sometimes you write a blog post that doesn't have as wide appeal to all your readers, but it DOES appeal to people who are in "buying mode".

Meaning: Your post is doing a good job at appealing to people who are about to make a purchasing decision. And as we all know:

Buying intent + timely, relevant affiliate link = money in the bank

Why yes, I would like to make more money, why do you ask?

So we know we have some pages that are already working — but how do we know WHICH ONES to focus on?

Take a look at the pages on my blog that do the best in terms of clicks on affiliate links.

My top-performing blog posts according to Affilimate

80% of my top-performing blog posts are NOT in my top 10 visited posts! But they are posts that focus on a few main topics that appeal to readers who are looking to buy things (in my case, hotels and photography gear).

So one of the easiest ways I can improve my earnings is to send more traffic to these pages. How can I actually do that?

There are a ton of different ways to generate traffic for blog posts, but here are a few that I use the most:

  • Make new, sexy Pinterest graphics for them
  • Share them on social media or link exchanges
  • Improve their SEO

See what works for you, but one of the best things you can do is to send more traffic to pages that are already generating a high number of clicks!

3. Send more traffic to pages with a high click-ratio

Another, related tactic is to see which posts are already converting well in terms of click RATIO, and sending more traffic to those posts.

Click ratio basically means this: Of the percentage of people who scroll down and SEE your affiliate link, what propotion actually click on that link?

Your click ratio can tell you a few things:

  • My link placement on this page is really good
  • My content surrounding the link is really good
  • People visiting this page are highly interested in what I'm promoting

Here are some of my posts with top click-ratios:

Now the question becomes: what would it take for me to improve the number of people reaching these posts that seem to convert well already?

Again, I can now choose to focus on doing things like improving their SEO, promoting them on social media, or creating new Pinterest pins that will drive traffic.

4. Improve conversion on high-traffic pages

One of the most common strategies that bloggers use to improve their affiliate income is to improve the conversion on their high-traffic pages.

This makes a lot of sense because it can be easier to optimize pages that already get a lot of traffic, compared to sending traffic to pages that convert really well.

Affilimate is telling me that my third most visited page has only a 0.07% click ratio compared to my other top pages. Time to optimize!

Even though I think you should do BOTH, here are some ideas for improving the conversion on your top-traffic pages.

  • Move your affiliate link higher in the post. Sometimes people don't scroll to the bottom if your link is too far away. Move it up to make sure more people see it.
  • Create a comparison table for different products. Help your readers understand the pros and cons of different products by showing them in a tabular format.
  • Include a call to action. Sometimes people NEED to be told "Click here" or "Check prices" to be curious enough to click. You can help by using this kind of action-oriented language near your links.

5. Focus on partners with the best ROI

As we all know, every single affiliate program is different. Different products, different rules, different commission structures, and different guidelines for when you actually get paid out.

But sometimes it can feel like you're sending a lot of traffic to a specific partner, but perhaps you're not actually making a proportional amount of money in return?

There are so many factors that determine how much money you make from any given partner:

  • How much money do people usually spend with that partner at a time?
  • How well does your partner convert your leads into sales?
  • How much commission do you earn?
  • How long does the affiliate cookie last?
  • And so much more!

In Affilimate you can actually see how much traffic you send to each partner. Both in terms of absolute number (how many clicks) and what percentage (how much more than to other partners).

Armed with this information, you can estimate whether you should put more effort in driving leads to a specific partner. For example, I'm sending about 30% of my leads to Amazon. With Amazon I only make 4% commission, whereas with I make 25% commission of Booking's cut, which typically results in more. So for now, my strategy of sending traffic to Booking is probably smart!

Now that's what I call a strategy

Since I've started using these techniques, I can see in my analytics that I'm slowly starting to increase the amount of clicks I'm driving towards affiliate partners!

What's the last lesson you learned about optimizing your affiliate links?

Share it in the comments to help out your fellow bloggers! I'd love to hear the latest learning you had from improving your affiliate income on your blog or niche website.

Monica Lent

Hi there! I'm a Monica, one of the co-founders of Affilimate. I blog, I code, and above all else I drink coffee.


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