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Fully automated affiliate link catalog

Automatically detect affiliate links on your website and import them to your link catalog.

Monitor for broken links

Any time you have a broken link, get an email in your inbox with the steps you need to fix it.

Easy to understand analytics

Instead of drowning in numbers, get a bird's eye view of whether your affiliate strategy is improving over time.

Track top-performing pages or articles

Often your top traffic pages aren't the ones earning the most money. Understand which strategies really work!

Focus on top-performing partners

Easily calculate which of your partners is giving you the best ROI based on clicks vs. income.

Track everything you need to optimize

Affilimate tracks page views, link impressions, link clicks, device, geolocation, and link position with no extra work.

By bloggers, for bloggers

Affilimate was built by bloggers, for bloggers. Meaning we're close to the blogging community and understand which features bloggers value most.

Compatible with ANY blogging platform:

Wordpress Squarespace Blogger Any other platform

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